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The following items are available on a Spring Special Price buster until the 30th April 2020 or whilst stocks last:

9 Designs at 9 per box,or one of each for 72 (item CLSPR20P1 )
CLM050 Sports car Moneybox (box of 6)
CLM116 Motorbike Moneybox (6)
CLM142 Football Moneybox (6)
CLM165 Mini Car Moneybox (6)
CLM169 Party Egg dragon (6)
CLM175 Jug Traditional (6)
CLM217 Cow Butter Dish (4)
CLM258 Seahorse (6)
CMC083 Cute Piggy Bank (6)

7 Designs at 7 per box,or one of each for 42 (item CLSPR20P2 )
CLM170 Party Pack Bunny (box of 6)
CLM178 Egg Cup Plain (8)
CLM215 Easter Egg Bunny Standing (6)
CLM265 Mermaid (6)
CLMC110 Rocket Bank (6)
CLMC113 Easter Baster (6)
CLMC317 Wall Gecko (6)

5 Designs at 5 per box,or one of each for 20 (item CLSPR20P3 )
CLMC081 Penguin (box of 6)
CLMC324 Part Mouse (6)
CLMC334 Elephant Ornament (12)
CLMC343 Love Bird (12)
CLMC401 Long Hanging Heart (12)

Prices (ex VAT) are shown on Website and no further discounts apply. Saving shown is per box and is against our normal trade price.


Spring is here in the Country (Love) side and so here some exciting Guild Specials to celebrate.
CLMC392 Milk Churn Utensil Pot or Vase x 4

CLMC303 Party Owl box of 12

CLMC157 Square Cube Money Box x 6

CLCC007 Wine Cooler or Utensil Pot x 6 Guild Offers valid until 30th June 2020

Simply order the above offer item/s under their respective codes and they will automatically revert to the quarterly offer price/s once any Guild customer order is processed within the system.

ALL of these offers are exclusive to members of the Guild of Ceramic Studios ONLY and prices will be reflected on the members Guild Login page and via email notification.

We hope you will be inspired and welcome our choice of product offerings.

Should you wish to discover more about how to become a Guild member and all the benefits associated with membership, details can be found at the bottom of this News & Events web page under the section GUILD MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS

Link: CLICK here to view product details