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Decoupage Supplies

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Decopatch decoupage kits

Mod podge

Mod podge - antique finish

Mod podge - brushstroke finish

Mod podge - classic originals

Mod podge - crackle

Mod podge - dimensional

Mod podge - dishwasher

Mod podge - glow in the dark

Mod podge - hard coat

Mod podge - outdoor

Mod podge - paper

Mod podge - photo transfer

Mod podge - puzzle saver

Mod podge - satin

Mod podge - sparkle

Mod podge - starter sets

Mod podge - super gloss finish

Mod podge - tools and accessories

Napkins - animal designs

Napkins - christmas

Napkins - girls


Paper - christmas

Paper - flowers

Paper - other

Paper - paisley and filagree

Paper - polka and damask

Paper - stripes and gingham

Product code: CLCD211026

Decoupage Supplies

Category: Napkins - Animal designs
Product name: Napkins - Circus

Circus design Napkins.

Napkins can be used for much more than beautiful place settings on a table. The top design layer of napkins can easily be used for many kinds of decoupage.

Can be used on lots of different surfaces including Wood - Papier Mache - Glass - Porcelain - Textiles.

Dimensions: 33 x 33cm

Sold as a SINGLE pack of 20 napkins