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  <H2>Bisque/Unpainted Ceramic Shapes</H2>  

Bisque/Unpainted Ceramic Shapes

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Product code: CLMC365

Bisque/Unpainted Ceramic Shapes

Category: Christmas - Ornamental
Product name: Christmas Tree and Base

Bisque Christmas Tree and Base in earthenware ceramic.

Vintage style Christmas Tree with base. This classic, table-top, ceramic Nordic tree has textured leaf designs and 35 holes for adding decorative plastic “peg” lights. The tree and base are separate. Make your own tree lamp/light by adding a fixture to the base. The base includes a hole (for the light bulb fitting CLLIGHT) and a cable space (for the plug cable). Lamp/light fixtures are available to buy here seperately. Add coloured (plastic peg lights CLLITE 001) to the tree leaves (35 peg holes). You can also puchase the decorative plastic peg lights seperately. Decorate this shape using glazes, underglazes or acrylics. For additional affects why not try our crystal glazes, shimmer glazes or snow products. Remember to clear the holes prior to firing.

Dimensions: Tree = 22.5cm H x 17.5cm W at base of tree
Base = 8.5cm W at top by 10cm W at base x 7cm H.

Sold in Boxes of 4

** Tree Lights and fittings [plug and bulb] are sold separately - those shown in our web site images are for sale as individual pieces and are NOT included with the Christmas trees**

You can however purchase this Christmas Tree as a complete pack containing the lamp fitting, cable and plug together with the small red plastic tree lights under product code CLXMAS001