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Folkit - learn to paint series 1

Folkit - learn to paint series 2

Folkit - learn to paint starter

Paper chain pack

Product code: CLFIEX010

Retail Kits

Category: Folkit - Learn to paint Series 2
Product name: Folkit Expansion Kit- Cupcakes
Once the new painter has completed the starter set and at least one of the level 2 kits, its time to move on to the next step in learning Folk Art Painting with a level 3 design kit.

**You will need art supplies from the Starter Kit CLFISS03 to complete this kit**

Cupcakes Design
•MDF Hanging plaque
•Hanging Twine
•Greetings Card
•Mount Board
•Instruction Book
•Instruction DVD
•Designs to transfer to your project - Enjoy and life can be sweet