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  <h2>Wooden and MDF Shapes, <br>Cut outs and Models</H2>  

Wooden and MDF Shapes,
Cut outs and Models

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Product code: CLW0057

Wooden and MDF Shapes,
Cut outs and Models

Category: MDF Wood Shape - Letters and Numbers 28x4mm
Product name: MDF Letter D (28mm) pk 10

MDF Letter D

These letters are great for a wide variety of craft projects or as a decor in the home, nursery and kids rooms. They are so easy to decorate and have a great finish. Whether you wish to paint them with acrylics, colour them with pens, add glitter or embellishments, these letters truly come alive and stand out on whatever surface you choose to stick them on. Even used without decoration they are very attractive.

They can be used on wooden plaques, pottery, doors, walls, furniture, toy chests and any other surface you can think of. They are especially good for card making/embellishments as well as scrapbooking. The list is endless for ideas. From hanging decorations, books, boxes, necklaces, almost anything you can think of fixing them to.

Use them to spell names and words. They make wonderful gifts for both adults and children when making a personal present for a special occasion. Christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, create your own gift tag or card topper.

Dimensions: 28 x 4mm

Sold in a pack of 10